• Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Kiev, Ukraine
  • La Defense, Paris, France
  • Frankfurt on Main, Germany
  • Olympic Stadium, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Nuremberg cityscape at dusk, Germany
  • Bird's eye view of Bayreuth, Germany
  • Bereznyaki residential area, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Al-Aqsa mosque, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Rotes Rathaus, Berlin, Germany
  • Ponte Sant'Angelo, Rome, Italy
  • Cargo River Terminal, Mannheim, Germany
  • Port Hercules, La Condamine, Monaco
  • Moskovskiy bridge, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Bergkirche Sankta Maria on top of Parkstein basalt cone, Upper Palatinate, Germany
  • River harbour, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Øresund bridge, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Eremitage Park and Palace, Bayreuth, Germany


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Regional and cultural study of the Franconian Switzerland


The aim of the new project is to document the unique mixture of traditional and contemporary in the lifestyle of the people in the Franconian Switzerland - a mountainous region in the north of Bavaria, limited by the cities of Bamberg, Bayreuth and Nuremberg. Due to complexed landscape defined by steep hills and narrow river valleys, for the past two centuries this area has stayed away from industrialization and large state infrastructural projects, having thus become one of the first recreational areas of Germany.


Nowadays the Francoian Switzerland has a reputation for a gazillion of small private breweries and a similar number of medieval fortresses. It is a popular destination for weekend sports and leisure activities in the region, but it also features one of the highest levels of preservation of historical businesses - bakeries, beekepeers', farms, blacksmiths.


My project is a story of people, who respect traditions. It is a story of bakers, blacksimths, beekeepers and the rest - people who do their daily job the way their greatparents did without having to compromise their contemporary standard of living and simultaneously preserving their deep-rooted pride for being a "Franke". It is a story of being true to one's roots while being as modern as it gets. A story of happy people told in photographs.

Latest book

Photo book "One Year in Bayreuth":


My latest book "One Year in Bayreuth" is dedicated to the city of Bayreuth. I learned this northern Upper Franconian city during a 2-years stay at the university. Between 2009 and 2011 I was watching and living the life in this mid-size German town, which I tried to depict from many facets in just 120 pages.


The book is unusual in that I have chosen to order my story by seasons. The story about Bayreuth starts in September with some melancholic shots of golden autumn in the downtown, suffers through rain and fog until jolly December, when Christmas is on agenda and a big Christmas market occupies the main city square. In January I take my reader on a skiing trip to nearby Ficthelgebirge and continue to explore the town until spring arrives.


Days become longer, trees blossom while students relax on the university campus. April, May and June is the time of the large community Volksfest and a number of different cultural and sports events. The book ends in August with the Bayreuth Music Festival - the hightime of life in town. Because of the chronological ordering, my book is reminiscent of a private diary, but its story is far more than private.


The book is already available in a number of book stores in Bayreuth and in Bayreuth shop.

Mass media

on my latest book "One Year in Bayreuth":


"Das wunderbare Fotobuch von Pavlo Dyban zeichnet mit wunderbaren Bildern von Bayreuth den Ablauf der Jahreszeiten nach."

"The wonderful photo book by Pavlo Dyban follows the flow of seasons with wonderful pictures of Bayreuth"

"Noch ein Fotoband über Bayreuth, mag mancher denken. Doch "One Year in Bayreuth" ist anders."

"One more photo album about Bayreuth, some might think. But "One Year in Bayreuth" is different"



"Sein Anspruch sind qualitativ hochwertige Aufnahmen, die "etwas erzählen können". Keine gestellten, lieblosen Postkartenmotive, sondern "lebende Aufnahmen" vom alltäglichen Leben."

"His aspiration are high-quality shots that "tell a story". Not posed, emotionless postcard motives, but "live captures" of everyday life."


Fränkischer Tag, 20 August 2013


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